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Sept. 03 1979

Neefe Genealogy

From Howard C. Neefe--a fifth generation descendant from Edward Frans Neefe and Helen Friest (Fros t) Neefe

to any interested descendant from that parentage no matter what his last name may be now.

Neefe means pride. We got a new minister in our church the first of July. We saw and heard him on July 1; then we went on vacation; then he went on vacation in August. The second Sunday in Sep. he told me the meaning of our name. He and his wife were missionaries to the Berber tribe who live in the mountainous area of Algeria. They were there for 12 years; and he has been back in the United States as a regular minister for the last ten years or more. He explained that when the Berbers have an honest right to be proud or happy with what they have done, they point to their nose and say Neefe. Well, how is your pride? Bessie Bielefeld says she is proud of her Neefe heritage.

Geographical names from Germany have been Roda and Stadt-Roda; Sachsen and Saxony; Alsace Lorraine. Don’t worry too much about places in Germany as our ancestors who came over were all adults except for one couple with two babies; so they could easily have moved around and told where they came from instead of where they were born. I did however, check a historical atlas and dictionary yesterday and found that Sachsen and Saxony are the same and are in a part of occupied Germany at present. There is no indication that a Roda ever existed; but the name Stadt-Roda did exist far back in history. Perhaps Roda is a nickname for Stadt-Roda. That is not far from Leipsig. Altenberg is another name for some of our ancestors and is in the same area., about 20 miles from Dresden.


  1. First of all to my father who gave me mostly correct information about the Pennsylvania Neefes for the descendants of the three who made their permanent homes in Potter County. This in 1937.
  2. 39 years later I found the name of Charles W. Neefe Jr. In the Honolulu phone directory. When I got no reply on the telephone to my call, I wrote him a letter telling him what I know of Pa. And Wisconsin Neefe’s. After more than two months went by my letter caught up to him. He is a service man and gets moved about. When he replied to me that he thought his great grandfather was from Cottage Grove, Wis. My interest revived like an erupting volcano. When I wrote to Charles Jr.’s father, he verified. I had evidence all along that sons of the Wisconsin Neefe’s were related to the Pa. Neefe’s and I worked on the theory that all Neefe’s are related. This time events that developed bore out that feeling although at first there was some doubt among the Wisconsin and Texas Neefe’s
  3. Lavonne Klinsing of Richland Center, Wis.--another genealogy nut in the Neefe line who had already gone to much time and expense. Eventually one of my letters was forwarded to her. The result was that we wrote to each other at great length, had long telephone conversations, plus a personal visit in her home. Her assistance has been invaluable to me.
  4. Gerald Neefe of Lone Rock, Wis. kept giving me little bits of information that spurred me on to further investigation.
  5. Bessie Bielefeld of Sheffield, Iowa, from whom I have recently heard and talked with on the telephone. Thanks to Lavonne for finding her. It was Bessie who was able to give Lavonne the information that let her find the burial place of Charles F. and Christiana Leonhard Neefe in Vilas Cemetery. Those two were the ancestors of all other Neefe’s whose relatives started out in Richland County or Cottage Grove areas of Wisconsin.
  6. The person to whom you and I owe the most thanks is a non relative who took time to answer my letter of Nov. 14, 1976, composed after Charles, Jr. And Charles, Sr. revived my interest, That letter was sent to 7 Neefe’s and more than 30 Albrecht’s. All 30 to the Albrechts in the Madison phone directory were the result of an error in misreading the translation of the "Beloved Brothers" letter from Charles F. Neefe to his Pa. brothers back in the late 1870’s. Robert Albrecht of Madison took time to write back, saying he just happened to have a copy of the Wis. State Genealogical Society News-Letter at hand and found some Neefe names in it. He sent it along and took extra time to make copies of some small town telephone directories that had Neefe names in them, plus some records showing Neefe names on gravestones from Button Cemetery, east of Gotham. ALL THANKS to him… his courtesy became a pot of gold when I sent more copies of that same Nov. 14 letter as I got replies from two Neefe’s when less interested relatives got my letters and passed them along to them. That is how Lavonne and Gerald heard from me; then WE WERE OFF WITH A NEW PUSH AND RENEWED VIGOR that brought valuable findings. 

PROBLEMS FACED IN TRACING NEEFE GENEALOGY: The Penna. Neefe’s knew of Edward Frans Neefe as being the father of the five sons and one daughter who came to this country. He died before the family came to this country; but his widow came too. Nobody seemed to know her name. It was known Edward Frans Neefe was a member of court circles (royalty) and married a commoner which mistake (?) cost him his standing in court. Yet this non-relative, Robert Albrecht , called my attention to the marker of a Helena Friest (Frost in English) Neefe on a marker in Ash Creek Cemetery near Gotham. Nobody of the Richland County, Wis. people knew who Helena Neefe was. On the adjoining lot was a marker of Julius Neefe, a son of Charles F. Neefe… the first Neefe to get to Wisconsin. LaVonne Klinsing and I kept working in the belief that her birth and death years were right for her to be the widow of Edward Franz Neefe and the mother of those six immigrant Neefes. Another problem was that the descendants of the three Pa. Neefe’s seemed to think that the mother and her sons all came from Germany together. That thinking caused us to feel that the Wis. Neefe (Charles F.) might have had a different father. That was dispelled by the "Beloved Brothers" letter which he wrote to his Potter County brothers in the late 1870’s. I have a copy of that letter written in German. That letter was written when his youngest daughter, Emma Neefe Obrecht, was living with him in Cottage Grove. I have a photostatic copy of a another letter written by Emma Obrecht Neefe, written probably in the month after her mother died and her husband had died of consumption that same winter. The marriage records in Madison, Wis. show that Emma Neefe Obrecht married her first cousin Adolph Conrad Neefe from Coudersport. I personally knew Adolph’s son Arch and his five children. This removed any doubt of a common relationship of the descendants of Charles F. Neefe of Cottage Grove and the Penna. Neefe’s.

The problem of the coming over time was solved when facts uncovered the idea… and a false one… that the mother came over with five orphan children. It isn’t known who was the first to come or whether any of them came together, we know the data when the youngest son arrived in New York and Lavonne has done some research work but has not found out on what boat that one, Franz Edward, came. His eldest brother, Fredrick, was already here and was the only Neefe listed in the 1840 Potter County census. A great grandaughter of Julius has reports from her parents came as an indentured servant to some place in northern New York… Van Rensslaer or Reneslaer… and served out his indentured term, married a New York woman, came to Potter County, settled in a log house near the church and what became the Neefe School, then went back to New York for a time, then returned to Potter County in the early 1840’s. How long his indentured term was isn’t known; but he may have been the first Neefe to arrive in America instead of Frederick. Records for Charles F. Neefe have conflicting statements that he and his wife and two sons arrived in New Orleans in 1836; but his second son Julius, who is recorded as having learned to walk on the boat wasn’t born, according to the records and his cemetery marker until 1838. That would indicate that his parents didn’t arrive in New Orleans until late in 1838 or early 1839. Of the sons, Frederick, the oldest one, apparently did some farming when he first came to Potter County and then helped his youngest brother, Franz Edward build a home and lived with him. Franz Edward married in 1843. It is reported that Frederick then went to Roulette in Potter County and either owned or managed a hotel for two or three years; then he next shows up as living with his brother Charles Frederick in Wisconsin and later in another Wisconsin home where it seems he married a widow, a Pratt, who had at least one child and maybe three. It is not known whether all three were Pratts or whether one or two of them were born of the Neefe marriage. It isn’t known whether the daughter Pauline, sometimes known as Josephine, ever came to Potter County. Legend has is that she went to Philadelphia and became a maid in the house of a Waltham or one of the top men of the Waltham watch family. When the man became a widower, Pauline married him and bore him at least two children . The story goes on that her mother visited with her at times and then made her home with her until she- Pauline died. When Waltham remarried, Grandma Neefe was no longer a welcome guest. The Pa. Neefe’s figured the mother died there too without ever getting back to Potter County. Charles Frederick was a cabinetmaker in St. Louis on his way north from New Orleans , then a farmer in Richland County, then the owner and operator of a general store in Cottage Grove. After he became a widower, that general store burned, and he went west to take turns living with two of his daughters, Eliza and Emma and Adolph Neefe. He was living with them at his death. The three sons who settled in Potter County and spent the rest of their lives there, Julius, Gustave, and Franz Edward- were all farmers. I had been asking a grandchild of Franz Edward if she ever heard her father mention the name of his grandmother. She has never been able to come up with a name until I sent her the picture of the Ash Creek marker for Helena Friest (Frost) Neefe. That did it. She said now I remember, he used to say Grandma Helena. That’s enough to cause me to accept her as being the mother of our six immigrating Neefe ancestors. Now it would still be nice if we could find out that Christian Gottlob Neefe, Beethoven’s most renowned music teacher, was the father of our ancestor, Edward Franz Neefe. The years of their lives make it entirely possible. That would also account for our known ancestor Edward Franz being in court circles before and until he married the commoner Helena Friest. At this time all of us need to give credit to Frederick A. Neefe, the youngest son of the five sons who were immigrants. I personally knew him well for many years and his three children… Gladys, Raymond, and Herbert, who were all interested Neefe genealogists. It was because of their father kept the Beloved Brothers letter and a later letter from Emma Neefe Obrecht and Neefe again in his records ( I have copies of both) that provided valuable information for our research. Emma was the youngest daughter of the first generation Charles F. Neefe of Cottage Grove, Wis.

The following pages are devoted to the descendants from Edward Frans Neefe and Helena Friest Neefe… our earliest known forebears from Germany and their six children as far as I have been able to trace them with the help of others. The figures against each name denotes the generations removed from Edward and Helena Neefe.

Frederick,1 b. about 1803 in Germany first settled in Potter Co., Pa. before 1840, helped his youngest brother Frans Edward Neefe build his home, lived with him a while; then maybe went to Roulette, Potter County, Pa. and ran a hotel for two or three years. Next he was living with his brother Charles F. in Cottage Grove, Wis. Next he was living in Fenimore, Grant Co.; Wis. Possible he married. CORRECTION .. in the 1850 census of Richland Co. Wis. Is where he was living with his brother Charles F. Then in 1860 he was in the same household with a woman who had been married to a Pratt. There were also three children listed in that house, at least one of whom had Pratt for her last name. The other two were given no last name so either one or both may have been Pratt; or either one or both could have been children born to a marriage of Frederick.

IMPORTANT INTERRUPTION In the 1860 census of Richland County, there was listed a Helen age 78, born Saxony. This is quite likely the Helena with only a two or three year difference from her tombstone markings. Errors like this are very common in old census records.

Charles Fredereick , 1 b. Germany in 1809, m. Christiana E. Leonhard (spellings taken from their gravestones, b. 1810. They are buried in Vilas Cemetery near Cottage Grove. He died in 1893 in Plymouth, Iowa, while living with his daughter Emma and Adolph Conrad Neefe. They were the parents of Charles A., Julius F, Annie, Eliza, and Emma.

Charles A. Neefe,2 (Charles F.) b. Jan 1, 1834 in Germany, m. Nancy N. See, b. New York City in 1836, Married in 1857. Both are buried in Woodstock Cemetery, Bloom, Wis. He died about Oct. 4, 1906. They were parents of Maria, Christina, Emma, Richard, and Julius.

Julius F. Neefe,2 b. Feb. 8, 1838 in Germany , learned to walk on the boat while his parents were enroute to U.S., m. to Louisa M. Cloud b. 1840. Julius was a farmer and Civil War veteran. He died in 1929, his wife in 1910. They are buried on the lot adjoining his grandmother, Helena F. Neefe, in Ash Creek Cemetery, near Gotham and Richland Center, Wis. They were the parents of Anna C. who died in infancy and five sons; Frank and Gilbert of Cottage Grove, Charles William of Gotham, Ed of LaFarge, and George of South Dakota.

Pauline,1 Neefe (sometimes known as Josephine), birth and death dates unknown. It is quite likely she was born the third of the children of Edward and Helena Neefe. Legend says she married a widower Waltham of the watch family for whom she had worked as a maid and bore him at least two children. Her mother, Helena Friest Neefe, was known to have lived with her at various times until after Pauline died; then the mother was no longer welcome in the Waltham home when he remarried.

Annie,2 (Charles F.,1) married William Uphoff. Her birth date has not been furnished to me. She died in 1867 or 1868 and is buried in Vilas Cemetery, the same place as her parents. She was the mother of one daughter, Emma Uphoff . When Anna died, her parents raised Emma until her father William Uphoff remarried. I have no more information about Anna or Daughter Emma.

Eliza,2 (Charles F.,1) b. Aug 16, 1848, d Nov. 25, 1938, m. Nov. 17, 1870 to William Nolte. They were the parents of William Charles, Emma (May) Amelia, Lillian Crystal, Aaron, and Ernest. After their marriage Eliza and William apparently lived and died in Iowa. Some of the time after her father became a widower, he lived with Eliza.We owe many thanks to Eliza who raised her grandaughter, Bessie whose mother was Lillian Nolte McCullugh. Eliza passed along to Bessie much we know.

Emma Amelia,2 (Charles F. 1) birth and death dates and burial place not known to me. First married to Johann Obrecht. They were the parents of Laura, Nellie, and John. After Johann died in the winter of 1880-1881 of consumption, Emma was married a second time, this time to her first cousin Adolph Conrad Neefe, Sep. 27, 1882.A daughter Grace was born to them. Grace was married but died childless. I do have the address of Emma’s oldest grandson but have not corresponded with him as yet about any more details he has of the other children. Emma and Adolph lived in Plymouth, Iowa, where her father died. Possibly Emma and Adolph were buried in Lincoln, Neb. Where they later made their home.

The third generation Neefe descendants of Charles F. and Christina Leonard Neefe, so far as I know are:

Frank,3 (Charles a.,2, Charles F.,1) b. Oct. 5, 1873; d. Nov. 13, 1912; m. to Elisa Bonham, b. Sept. 1876, d. Oct. 2, 1940. They were the parents of Thelma who married Herman Gault. The Gaults were the parents of Lavonne Gault Klinsing,5… the one who has helped so much with her continuing research for the Neefe ancestry. Frank,3 had four other children; Dale, Robert, Gladys, and William Harold. Lavoone Klinsing,5 is the mother of four children.

Frank Julius,3 (Julius F.,2, Charles F.,1) m. Addie Cooper. Their birth and death dates and burial place have not been supplied to me. They were the parents of Bess,4, Florence,4, Lottie,4, Emma,4, Beulah,4, and Russell,4. Russell,4 married Tina ____ . Among their children was Charles W. Sr5, whose children are Russell A. 6, Charles William, Jr., 6, and Barbara,6. It was Charles William, Jr.,6 whom I tried to contact in Hawaii and his delayed reply because of a military change of service address really got me started again after nearly 30 half-hearted years completing Neefe genealogy.

Gilberet,3, (Julius F.,2, Charles F.,1) I have no more information about him.

Charles William,3, (Julius F.,2, Charles F.1 ) birth and death and burial places are not known to me, m. Mary Adele Seaman. Their children were Bauford Earl 4,whose children were Helen, Margie,4, Keith,4, Ethel,4, who married Patrick Frawley. I don’t know about their children. Gerald A.,4, of Lone Rock , Wis. Who has been a widower for many years, and I do not have his wife’s name. His children were; Robert J.,5, David,5, James W., 5, Keith,5, Earl,5, Leslie,5, Richard T.,5, Harold R.,5, Charlotte M.5, Dorothy D.,5, Mary A.,5, Shirley E.,5, Virginia L.5, Eight of his children are now living. The Neefe name should go on a long time if he has any male grandchildren by his sons.


Julius Neefe,1, b. May 14, 1811 in Nuremburg Germany. D. Oct. 29, 1893 on Sweden Hill, Potter County, Pa. , m. June 11, 1840 to Susannah Noble. She was born May 9, 1813 in Ireland of Scotch-Irish parents, d. Nov. 13, 1896 on Sweden Hill. They were the parents of 7 children; Mary Elizabeth, b. July 13, 1841, d. May 18, 1880, m. Dec 23, 1866 to William snyder and died Nov 17, 1910. They were the parents of five children; Arch Snyder,3, Grace Snyder,3, Lena Snyder,3, kCarl Snyder,3, and Katheryn,3, Charlotte,2, b. Jan. 6,1843, d. 1927, Married to Calvin Herrington. They were the parents of two daughters; Eleanor,3, and Kate,3, who lived to be only 12 or 13 years old. Lena,3, Julius 2, b. June 2, 1845. By the way it was his father Julius,1, who gave the land for the school which became known as the Neefe School. Julius 2, died Nov.1, 1912; m. to Hannah Snyder. They were the parents of one child. Lynna H.3,. Charles F. (known as Little Charlie) b. Oct. 2, 1850. d. May 4, 1915; m. Maria Niles. They were the parents of 7 children; Elizabeth,3, Edna,3, Harry,3, Thomas, 3, Mary,3, Charles R.,3, Leigh,3. Helena,2, (very likely named for her grandmother Helena Friest Neefe) b. May 13, 1853, d. Sept 10, 1939, m. Roscoe A. Andrews. They were the parents of one child; Fred,3,.. But Fred fathered 11 children. Edward,2, b. July 9, 1858 and died the following March 7, 1859. Gastave Neefe, born April 28, 1813 in Germany; died April 21, 1874, buried on Sweden Hill; m. in Germany to Adalaid Hemick, b. Nov. 1, 1814 in Hanover, Germany, died Sep. 4, 1895 on Sweden Hill. They were the parents of four children, one son dieing young, unmarried; Gustav Julius Neefe, 23 born May 25, 1840 in Brookland, Pa. Died Aug 8, 1863 as he fell out of a haymow and was pierced by the tines of his hay fork. Henry J. Neefe,2, born July 25, 1841 in Brookland, Pa. Died Dec 2, 1919; m. June 30, 1864 to Adelia Ann Acker, daughter of Samuel Y. and Catherine Carns Acker who was born Jan. 1848 and died Jan. 1, 1903. Both are buried on Sweden Hill. They were the parents of Addie,3c, born Dec. 8, 1866 and died Dec 16, 1915. She married in 1890 Ernest Lyman Wells, son of John Walter and Sarah Lyman Wells, b. in 1865 and died Feb. 12, 1900. They were the parents of two; John Harold Wells,4, and Ernest Marion Wells, 4; Both sons were married and lived to become grandfathers. Clarence Henry Neefe,3, who was the father of this writer, born June 13, 1870, died Nov. 3, 1938; married Nov. 25, 1901 To Evva Miller, daughter of Elmer and Emma Foster Miller. She was born Oct. 22, 1879, died Aug. 18, 1965. Both buried on Sweden Hill. They were the parents of five children; Florence Adelia Neefe,4, born April 4, 1903, married to Robert B. Langdon in 1949 . Marian Emily Neefe,4, born Sep. 24, 1905, m. June 18, 1927 to Everett R. Blass, born Aug. 26, 1894. They were the parents of 3, Charlotte 5, who married Don Freeman and they have three sons, two of whom are married and have children. Gertrude Alice Neefe 4, born Mar. 31, 1910. She married Addison H. Clark who died Dec. 1970. Howard Clarence Neefe,4, the compiler of this genealogy, born Nov. 21, 1912, married July 21, 1935 to Viola M. Gunn of West Unity, Ohio, daughter of James O. and Alice E. Rice Gunn. She was born Oct. 15, 1910. They became the parents of 5, the first two by adoption; Robert Charles Neefe,5, born Dec. 20, 1939, married first to Thelma Sue Ernst to whom two children were born; Cindy Marie,6, and Crystal Dawn,6, married second to Sandy Dalton Fix who had six children by her first marriage; then Bob and Sandy had a daughter Catherine Holly Neefe,6, Margaret Jane Neefe,5, born Jan. 22, 1945, married Ronald Sarver, July 2, 1977 who brought 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls) to their marriage. Ann Katheryn Neefe,5, born July 9, 1946, married Gary Lee Nelson of Rochester, N.Y. Ann is a teacher as her mother and father were too. They have no children. Twin sons;Ronald5, and Roger,5,. Ronald married and divorced Joan Motts and they had one daughter, Jenna Marie Neefe,6. Roger,5, born July 2, 1953 married Janet Wedge of East Canton, Ohio. They were married in 1975 and have two daughters; Rebecca Elizabeth,6, and Kathryn Jane,6. Kathryn A. Neefe,3, born July 23, 1876, died in 1960. She married Bela C. Gallup in 1904. They were the parents of two children, both of whom died in early childhood.

Paulena Augusta Neefe,2, (Gustav,1) born Jan. 5, 1844, died April 22, 1902, married first May 25, 1863 to Lewis Benjamin Yentzer, son of Henry and Mary Adams Yentzer. He was born Dec. 12, 1830, died Nov. 13, 1891; married second Feb. 21, 1900 to George C. Cross of Wellsville, N.Y. who was born Dec. 15, 1838. Lewis and Pauline Yentzer were the parents of seven children; Gustave H. Yentzer,3, who became a grandfather; Lena Adelaide Yentzer,3, born June 9, 1865 who became a grandparent. Charles Edward Yentzer,3, born April 13, 1867, who became a grandparent; Florence Ella Yentzer,3, who became a grandparent; Leonard Burdette Yentzer,3, who became a grandparent; Orrie Arloyine Yentzer,3, born May 26, 1880 and died Jan. 16, 1882; Carroll Lamonte Yentzer,3, born July 15, 1882, who became a grandparent. 

Frans Edward Neefe,1, (Edward Franz and Helena Friest’s Neefe’s youngest son) born May 22, 1818 in Germany, died Jan. 21, 1906; married to Anna Maria Bernauer, daughter of Conrad and Maria Zuber Bernauer. She was born Dec 19, 1822 at Gaines, Tioga Co. Pa. And died Oct 10, 1906. They were the parents of six children; Daniel B. Neefe,2, born Nov. 10, 1844; married Caroline E. Blackman, daughter of Dennis and Betsy Smith Blackman. She was born July 8, 1846 in Potter County, died June 27, 1926 in Coudersport. They were the parents of two children; Bertha B. Neefe,3, born Aug. 19, 1871; married Willard F. Schutt, Sr. Both died in Coudersport. They were the parents of two; Howard Neefe Schutt,4, and Willard E. Schutt, Jr.,4, both of whom married and became grandfathers; Anna Louise Neefe,3, born Oct.6, 1873, died Sep. 9, 1961 at Coudersport. She married Dec 25, 1895 to Edward Mark Gillon who was born May 13, 1865 at Coudersport; and died Aug. 28, 1938. They were the parents of three sons; one died when two years old; Dr. Daniel Eugene Gillon,3, and Edward Gillon,3. Edward married and became a grandfather while Dr. Eugene died July 27, 1932. Frank E. Neefe,2, (Frans Edward Neefe,1) born Jan. 25, 1846, died Mar. 8, 1934; married first Dec. 25, 1873 to Mrs. Almira Bassett Sible, widow of E. A. Sible. She was born in 1851 and died Oct. 10, 1911. He married second of June 3, 1913 to Mrs. Alice Dean, widow of Frank Dean. Frank and Almira Neefe were the parents of two children; Leon,3, I have no more information about him; Donald,3, born Sep, 7, 1891 married Ella Dean and had one son, Warren,4. William Henry Neefe,2, (Franz Edward Neefe,1), born Jan. 29, 1848 in Potter County, died Nov. 9, 1944 in Wellsville, N.Y. m. Oct. 9, 1872 to Julia E. Monroe, daughter of William B. and Elisa Lincoln Monroe who was born in 1854 and died Feb. k, 1935. They were the parents of four children; Arthur W. Neefe,3, born Oct. 12, 1873; Florence Neefe,3, born Aug. 11, 1877, Marjorie Neefe,3, born July 2, 1893, and Robert R. Neefe,3, born March 15, 1887. All four of their children became grandparents.

Oversight corrections… Charles A. Neefe,2, (Gustave,1, born April 22, 1846, known as Big Charlie, died Sep. 27, 1914. Married Susan B. Furman, daughter of Andrew and Maria Snyder Furman. She was born July 30, 1858 and died May 20, 1907. They were the parents of four children; Fayette Neefe,3, born June 9, 1871, died Dec. 26, 1888; Mae H. Neefe,3, born Dec. 17, 1873 and died Feb. 1, 1962 in Sweden Valley, Pa. Married July 4, 1901 to Edward Gross, son of James and Emily Toland Gross, who was born Oct. 4, 1878 and died April, 15, 1963. They were the parents of five children; Lawrence,4, born Oct. 6, 1905; Laura Gross,4, Donald Gross,4, born Dec. 11, 1910; Raymond Gross,4, born Oct. 21, 1918; Ruth Gross,4, born Aug. 7, 1915. All five children married and became grandparents.

Other oversight Charles Elmer Neefe,4, (Clarence Neefe,3, Henry Neefe,2, Gustave Neefe,1,) youngest brother of Howard Neefe, compiler of this genealogy, was born Aug. 26, 1918 and died March 21, 1919.

Other oversight correction… Harold Neefe,3, (Charles A. Neefe,2, Gustave,1,) was born Sep 5, 1884, died 197 -; married on Oct. 16, 1907 to Ella Muloonery, daughter of Thomas and Emma Yaeger Muloonery. She was born Oct. 20, 1889 at Ellisburg, Pa. And died Sep. 25, 1954 at Coudersport. They were the parents of six children; Gowanda,4, born Sep. 6, 1910, died June 29, 1919; Blanche Neefe,4, born May 21, 1913; Calvine Neefe,4, born April 11, 1918; Virginia Louise Neefe,4, born May 29, 1920; Wanda May Neefe,4, born June 2, 1922, died Dec. 1922; Harold Neefe Jr.,4, born and died Dec 8, 1925. Blanche, Calvin, and Louise became grandparents.

Leon,3, (Frank Neefe,2, Frans Edward Neefe,1) Above on this page it was said there was no more information about him. He was born Feb. 16, 1880 and died June 30, 1920; married Oct 2, 1900 to Alma Sible, daughter of John Sible of Harrisburg, Pa. They had two children, Leon,4, and Dorothy,4.

Now to continue with the descendants of Frans Edward Neefe,1, and Anna Marie Bernauer Neefe; The fifth child was Adolph Conrad Neefe,2, born July 15, 1853, died Aug., 1910 in Lincoln, Neb.; married first to Alice Celestia Slaughter, daughter of Benjamin and Lydia Slaughter of Alleghany Twp, Potter County, She was born in 1854 and died about 1881 of measles in Texas where she had gone ahead to make their new home. They were the parents of two children; Myrtle Neefe,3, and Arch N. Neefe,3. Adolph was married second to his first cousin Emma Neefe Obrecht Neefe, daughter of Charles F. Neefe,1, and Christina Leonard Neefe of Cottage Grove, Wis. To them was born Grace,3, who was married 3 times but died childless. Myrtle Neefe,3, was born July 7, 1873, died Dec. 18, 1929 at Newfield, Potter Co. married to George Blake, Oct. 22, 1890. He was the son of William Kitts Drake and Jane Oliver Blake. He died May 23, 1954.They were the parents of twelve children; Edna,4, William,4, Harry,4, Elmer,4, George,4, Lawrence,4, Robert,4, Harold,4, Edith,4, Gerald,4, Floyd,4, and Evelyn,4, who died aged 1 yr.

Arch Neefe,3, (Adolph,2, Frans Edward,1,) born July 19, 1877, died July 17, 1930 at Sartwell Creek, Pa. Married Sep. 1901 to Nellie Snyder, daughter of Richard and Mary Snyder, born April 15, 1875, and died July 19, 1955. They were the parents of five children. (As a teenage boy I knew all the people of this family well as we attended Neefe family reunions on their farm after they came back from living near their father Adolph Conrad Neefe in Lincoln, Neb. The children were; Hugh,4, Mildred,4, LaRue,4, Victor,4, Milton,4. Hugh married Nynona Blauvelt and died childless. Mildred never married and is now deceased. LaRue was born in 1910 in Lincoln, Neb. , married Helen Randall. They are the parents of 3 children; Beverly,5, Donald,5, and Colleen,5. Victor Allen Neefe,4, born Sep. 28, 1913 in Lincoln, Neb. He died in 1979, was married to Wretha Pennington. He made his home in service at Fort Morgan, Colo. They had three children; Carla,5, Donna,5, and Edward,5. Milton Neefe,4, married Mary Galone Ostrander of Port Allegany, Pa. They had no children. Milton was born Oct. 1, 1915 in Lincoln, Neb. and died in 1979 at Port Allegany.

Frederick Almer Neefe,2, (Frans Edward Neefe,1) was the youngest son of the youngest son. It is to his credit that he saved the "Beloved Brothers" letter from Charles F. Neefe that he got from his father, along with the later letter from Charles F. Neefe’s daughter Emma Obrecht Neefe from Cottage Grove, Wis. These letters were passed along to his children since he had saved them with his diary in his desk. He seemed to be much interested in Neefe genealogy and passed that interest along to his three children. All three of those children, two of whom are now deceased, helped me by passing the same information along to me and visited with me about it on many occasions. Fred Almer Neefe married Flora B. Snyder Dec. 22, 1896. She was the daughter of Richard and Mary Snyder. Their children were Gladys M. Neefe,3, Edward Raymond Neefe,3, Herbert C. Neefe,3, and Mildred Neefe,3, who was born and died in about 1904. Gladys M. Neefe,3, b. June 15, 1898, m. Feb. 28, 1920 to Calvin Morley. They are the parents of Stephen Blaine Morley,4, b. Dec. 2, 1935 at Wellsville, N.Y. He too is a school teacher. Gladys, who has been helpful to me has the letter from Emma Obrecht Neefe and some pictures of Emma and Johann Obrecht’s children. Edward Raymond Neefe,3, born Nov. 19, 1899, m. Sep. 5, 1926 to Ethel M. Roberge. It was Raymond who gave me the original "Beloved Brothers" letter so that I could get copies made of it. Raymond is now deceased and was living in Rochester, N.Y. at the time of his death. His children were; Joan,4, Noel,4, and Paul,4. It is my understanding that all of them live in or near Rochester, N.Y. and that they are married and have children. Herbert Earl Neefe,3, was the youngest son of the youngest son and did much to keep my interest going in Neefe genealogy and the one who kept telling me that there were Neefes in the Cottage Grove area. He was born May 27, 1902 and died Aug. 28, 1963. He was married first to Ruth C. Bratz. Their children are; Janet Louise Neefe,4, Frederick A. Neefe,4, Norma Arlene Neefe,4, and Eugene David Neefe,4. The first two named of these children still live in the original farm of their first generation grandparents as did the two Neefe generations in between. Herbert,3, was married second to Laura Vaughn Cammack, widow of Sam Cammack. After Herbert died Laura went to make her home with her son in Calif. Soon after she arrived, she was having a conversation with an elderly woman. When they found out each others names, the lady remarked to Laura that in her younger days she was a neighbor to an old gentleman in Lincoln, Neb. By the name of Adolph Neefe.

Other oversights; My sister Marian E. Blass,4, has two other children whom I overlooked so far as telling of their offspring. Marjory Lois Blass,5, m. E. Paul Hawkins. They live in suburban Washington, D.C. and are the parents of three; Eric,6, Linda,6, and Jay,6. Linda,6, was married this summer to Robert Grovhaug who is in the military in Mountain Home, Idaho. Marian’s,4, son Everett R. Blass,Jr.,5, m. Rita Fisher of Coudersport. They are living on the family farm of his folks and are the parents of Jeffry,6, Joni,6, Joseph,6, and Johathan,6.

The Robert Neefe whose name I found in the Cheyenne, Wyo. Telephone directory and who came to visit us in our motel for about two hours was going to send me more about his family; but it has not arrived. He is a descendant of the Julius,2, who learned to walk on the boat while he was coming to this country with his parents, Charles F. and Christine. It is my recollection that his grandfather was Ed of LaFarge who had a cheese factory and general store.

I have also learned that from Bessie Bielefeld that Winifred Molsberry,4, the oldest grandson of Emma,2,(Neefe Obrecht Neefe) lives in Sigourney, Iowa, is a genealogy "nut" too and is working on this Neefe project. I also learned from Lavonne Klinsing that a descendant of Emma’s, a Mrs. Keith Molsberry of 390 N. Catherine Park Dr., Glendora, Calif. 91740, is working on our genealogy to the extent of hiring somebody in Germany to do some tracing.

It is now Nov. 4, 1979. The job has been tedious and contains many errors and probably oversights. Never the less, it has still been fun; and to you who are interested I hope I have gone far enough that you can complete records for you and for future generations of you own family from this.

Sincerely, one of your relatives,

Howard C. Neefe

Just as a matter of interest, a daughter or grandaughter of Calvin,4, Harold,3, Charles A.,2, Gustave Neefe,1, married a Herbstritt who composed a song that worked itself up No.3 in top hit tunes sung by Ann Murry this summer, "I’m Falling in Love with You Again."